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What is a Cyber Security Job and Career?

Cyber Security

At its simplest level, a cyber-centric job requires some level of training and expertise in protecting information, systems and the people using information and systems. 

What is a Cyber Job and Cyber Career?

Some cyber jobs and careers focus on protecting information and systems from the very people authorized to use them: Insider Threat jobs.

Insider Threat can be due to inadvertent misuse or intentional actions to compromise organizational enterprise operations.

A cyber career may or may not require a person have a cyber certification.

Cyber security is the process of protecting information by preventing, detecting and responding to attacks (’s definition of cyber security is a lot more involved than a simple concept of prevent, detect and respond. Jobs and careers also fall within the categories of Identify and Recover.

NIST’s five functional categories break down into 23 different categories of skillsets and responsibilities. There are many different kinds of jobs and career paths associated with the world of Cyber and Cyber Security.

There are also other kinds of cyber security careers … to include those that respond to cyber intrusions by Computer Network Operations (CNO) and Cyberspace Operations (50 USC § 1708(d)(2)). 

Bill Golden - What is a cyber job and career?