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PII Policy

PII – Personally Identifiable Information

Access to any PII provided to is restricted to internal use.

Resume Database Access Guidelines is not a traditional jobboard. It does not provide a searchable resume database for recruiters to view.

An internal resume database does exist to support recruiting for career campaigns for employers.

Access to resumes is limited internally to, aka and External resume database access is not provided to third parties.

If you agree to allow your resume to be shared with an external potential employer, access is not knowingly given to any organization or person that does not have a clear requirement for the skills within your resume. 

Resume Database Usage
Other than being provided to potential employers, collected resume information is not shared, sold or rented. Email addresses within resumes are not used for any purpose other than to contact resume owners regarding recruiting events, potential job openings, the upkeep of their resume or to forward information from a potential employer.

Liability for Resume Database Access
Your data will be stored and processed in whole in the United States. If you access from outside of the United States (USA), your usage of the site constitutes consent to data usage according to legal laws and guidelines adopted by the United States government. Courts, law enforcement or regulatory agencies may obtain disclosure of your data through the laws of the United States.

The U.S. is not part of the GDPR systerm. Security and protection of your personally identifiable information (PII) is taken serious.

Your resume may contain sensitive or potentially proprietary information. It is your responsibility to review your information for this information — information which you provide to Resume content is the liability of the resume writer.

Resume Confidentiality
The total confidentiality of material any Internet site cannot be guaranteed. It should be expected that your resume information could potentially be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet, and a determination to hack a system. We have taken all reasonable measures to protect the privacy and integrity of our resume database.

Due to the increase in global security breaches, you are posting your resume at your own risk. By submitting your resume online you agree to hold, its owners & affiliates harmless from any liability or damage that may arise.

Right to be Forgotten
Requests to delete any information which may hold about you will be honored. Information related to a specific email address will be deleted. The request for this must come from that same email address. A copy of your request will be maintained indefinitely on file. No record of any information held will be kept by or provided to you. You will be forgotten.


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