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Gadzooks! They want to pay how much?!

Career Event: 2022.1202 Virtual U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) Hiring - Technology

Some Career Advice — Your value changes based upon your location even if you have same job responsibilities that you had in a different location.

The very same job can also pay two very different amounts in different locations.

I often see posts where someone warns Metro DC folks (includes northern Virginia and most of central Maryland) not to accept jobs elsewhere because they can pay much less.

Yes, salaries elsewhere are often very different than your current location.

Sometimes you can even put more money in your pocket while earning less and living somewhere else.

BankRate’s Cost-of-Living Calculator says that if earning $100K in Metro DC (NoVA and MD) then you can live just as well for $63K in Florida … so being offered $85K in Florida for a $100K job is actually a pay raise … or can be …

Bill Golden

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