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Changing Jobs with Interim Clearance? OMG! Red Flags Alert!

Career Event: 2023.0519 Louisiana

? Are you at risk of Loss of Jurisdiction? about changing jobs while your security clearance is in interim status?

Or has an employer submitted your paperwork for a clearance but things are still in process?

Below is a video by a respected Security Clearance Legal Advisor Annie Stellato that plainly explains what Loss of Jurisdiction means, and how it works.

Video by Annie Stellato, founder of Stellato Consulting.

Annie Stellato has held various positions supporting national security over the last 14 years. She has an extensive background in security policy, regulations and processes as they apply to collateral security clearances, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access, and Special Access Programs (SAP) for both Government entities and Cleared Defense Contractors.

Need Security Clearance Legal Advice?

Need Security Clearance Legal Advice?

Technically, per the Defense Security Service, a Loss of Jurisdiction means:

“When an individual has an eligibility of Loss of Jurisdiction, there is no eligibility, i.e. the individual should be debriefed and no access provided until an eligibility that supports access is entered by a CAF. Loss of Jurisdiction is usually posted when an individual has no affiliation with an Industry Facility.”

Translation: If the security clearance process gets interrupted then your existing clearance and level of access should be yanked and terminated.

Could another employer pick up the process? Yes. Maybe. Does not happen often.