Cable and Wire Installer, Iraq

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Job Description

This position will be responsible for the installation, replacement, troubleshooting, and repair of a broad range of voice and data cabling and wiring systems.  The Cable and Wire Installer ensures that cabling and wiring is tested to meet industry standards and task order quality standards.  The duties and responsibilities listed are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all inclusive.


Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring safety is the highest priority in the workplace.
Comply with all Environmental & Safety and Quality Assurance requirements and goals. Provide information and materials to these divisions as necessary to ensure adequate and legal documentation.
Install and repair fiber optic, coaxial, Cat 5,6,7, RJ, main feeder copper, and other cabling and wiring. Install data connectors and receptacles.  Label cable and wiring.  Splice and terminate cable and wiring into workstations, panels, closets, or, equipment bays.  Systems supported can include but are not limited to satellite communications, fire communications, and computer networks.
Test and perform cable certification analysis to include but not limited to decibel loss, insertion loss, noise, continuity, far end/near end cross talk, and other, using appropriate meters and test equipment.
Design and install cable trays, raceways, racks, and other support systems. Pull cable and wiring through conduit, ceilings, floors, troughs, between buildings, and between telephone poles.
Ensure that cable and wire installation drawings, as-builts, and schematic documentation are updated for reference.
Maintain and update Standards Operatiing Procedures (SOPs).
Maintain record keeping and documentation of Cabling and Wiring performance. Prepare reports as required.

Perform additional duties and projects as assigned.



An Associates Degree, or, equivalent in Electronics, Electronics Repair, Computer Science, or, a related field.


Minimum Experience Level:

Four (4) years experience in Cable and Wire Installation services, or, support, on programs of similar size, preferably, on US government support contracts.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

Comprehensive understanding of cable and wiring installation and repair of satellite communications, computer networks, or, other data systems.
Ability to interpret and analyze drawings, as-builts, and wiring schematics to diagnose and determine repair, or, installation work steps.
Knowledge of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) facility codes and standards as applicable to cable and wiring operations, and Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) standards.
Familiarity with 5 FAH-9 (Foreign Affairs Handbook) specifications for cabling repair and installation.
Familiarity with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards and guidelines.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills along with negotiation and conflict resolution abilities.
Ability to interact with a wide range of employees, customers, and stakeholders.
Strong attention to detail, decision making, analytical skills, and problem solving abilities.
Knowledge of principles and processes involved in supporting contract responsibilities at an overseas facility.
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment that requires handling multiple tasks at a given time and rapidly adapting to changing priorities and schedules.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Expert communication skills to facilitate and disseminate information.
Intermediate computer skills, specifically Microsoft Word and Excel.
Ability to work effectively with multi-cultural workforce.
Ability to become an active and functioning member of a team.
Ability to be innovative and be an agent for change.


Licenses and Certifications:

Valid driver’s license from home of record.


Security Vetting:

Must already possess a U.S. Government (USG) issued security clearance or Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT) certification or be able obtain a favorable USG security clearance or MRPT certification prior to being hired is required for the position. Must maintain eligibility at the required clearance or certification level for the duration of the task order.


Language Skills:

Satisfactory English proficiency to meet job requirements and to adhere and comply with safety, health and security measures.



U.S. citizenship is not required.



Relevant overseas contract experience.

Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Previous work experience in harsh environmental conditions.

Secret (Tier 3)

Vectrus / Equal Opportunity Employer

JBVTR-24354 2023.03.10

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