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On-site Entry Level Flight Controller – SkillBridge Internship, HOUSTON, TEXAS

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Houston, Texas

Full time


On-site Entry Level Flight Controller – SkillBridge Internship

The KBR Integrated Mission Operations Contract (IMOC II) provides mission planning, Astronaut and Flight Controller training, and real-time execution for human space flight missions. From low-earth-orbit destinations, such as the NASA-led International Space Station (ISS) and future commercial space outposts, to establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon, to eventually leading human missions to Mars and beyond, we are seeking the leaders who will help us make history in space for the benefit of all mankind.

At KBR we are committed to our Nation’s Military and Veteran’s through our partnerships with Hiring our Hero’s and DoD Skillbridge. We attract the best minds in the world because our expertise thrives on creativity, resourcefulness, and collaboration.

These Skillbridge opportunities are filling full-time positions on the program and our goal is to provide you a full-time offer once you have successfully completed your Skillbridge Internship!

Located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, KBR is seeking experienced candidates who have served our country through the various branches of the US Military.

This position provides flight control and training support to the ISS, Orion, Space Launch System (SLS), Commercial Crew Program, Gateway and Human Lander System (HLS) at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas for:

Spacecraft control
Trajectory planning, Design and Analysis
Onboard systems operations
Mission timeline development
Robotic operations
Extra vehicular activity planning and execution
Orbital Debris monitoring and collision avoidance analysis.
In-flight maintenance and crew systems support
Command and data handling/Spacecraft Communications and Telemetry
Environmental control and life support, electrical power generation and distribution, and thermal control.
Systems integration.
Remote IT system administration and network management


Duties will require successfully completing a training and skill certification process. Typically, the candidate will first train and become certified for a Mission Control Center console position. The individual may subsequently attain additional certifications required to train astronauts, cosmonauts, flight controllers, and other NASA and International Partner mission operations personnel on ISS systems content.
Specific duties associated with flight control positions include maintaining a safe environment for astronauts onboard ISS to work and live; monitoring of real-time status and performance of ISS systems; controlling ISS system operations from mission control; reporting status and anomalies to mission managers; determining mission impacts and implementing corrective actions; test and verification of operational products and analysis; integrating requirements with other systems and organizations; and the development and maintenance of operations products such as flight rules, console procedures, and technical references.
Certain positions require the candidate to support or lead technical analyses relating to spacecraft systems or trajectory operations. Individuals in this position may interface directly with the NASA customer, subcontractors, ISS program personnel, International Partners, and commercial vendors.
Candidates will have an opportunity to achieve additional certifications to support Exploration efforts such as Artemis missions to the Moon, which include the Orion, SLS, Gateway and HLS programs.
Entry level certified flight controllers may work evenings and weekend shifts during noncomplex operations. Flight controllers may then achieve additional certifications after a period of time to support more complex operations, which frequently occur during day shifts. As a certified Instructor the individual will support shifts as needed, develop training materials, participate in the conduct of simulations, and instruct crew and mission operations utilizing a variety of media and facilities.


This is an entry-level position. Preferred position related experience 0-2 years (for Trajectory Operations position assignment, a minimum of 2 years position related experience is preferred).
This position requires successful completion of a government background check before commencement of employment.
Bachelor of Science Degree or anticipate graduation within the next 6 months in Engineering (ABET), Physics, or Mathematics. Knowledge of engineering principles and the ability to apply them to real-time operations is essential.
Previous experience with or course work in basic engineering, orbital mechanics, and spacecraft flight dynamics is desired.
Excellent communication (verbal and written), interpersonal, leadership, teamwork, technical, and administrative skills are mandatory.
Candidate must have a demonstrated ability to plan, lead, and coordinate a wide range of tasks.
Candidate must demonstrate the ability to progress through flight controller and instructor certifications.
Candidate must be able to apply technical knowledge and operations concepts to exercise effective decision making and initiative in a real-time and fast-paced operational environment.
Candidate should be a self-starter who excels in a dynamic environment that requires him/her to work effectively both alone and as part of a team.
Candidate is required to pass a standard flight controller physical examination and pass security clearances. Shift work (nights, weekends, and holidays) is required.
Candidate must be able to support infrequent travel domestically or internationally.
Some positions include required travel to Moscow Russia for up to 183 days each calendar year. Russian, Japanese, or European language skills are a plus.
Understanding of personal computers and LAN architecture including routers, and wireless communication devices desired for specific flight control assignments.
Successful candidates must be a US Citizen and be able to apply for and successfully receive and maintain security clearance per eligibility requirements.

Due to the job responsibilities this position is on-site at JSC with some telework flexibility.

KBR Benefits?

KBR offers a selection of competitive lifestyle benefits which could include 401K plan with company match, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, AD&D, flexible spending account, disability, paid time off, or flexible work schedule. We support career advancement through professional training and development.?

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Inclusion and Diversity at KBR?

At KBR, we are passionate about our people, sustainability, and our Zero Harm culture. These inform all that we do and are at the heart of our commitment to, and ongoing journey toward being a more inclusive and diverse company. That commitment is central to our team of team’s philosophy and fosters an environment of real collaboration across cultures and . Our individual differences and perspectives bring enhanced value to our teams and help us develop solutions for the most challenging problems. We understand that by embracing those differences and working together, we are more innovative, more resilient, and safer. We Deliver – Together.

KBR / Equal Opportunity Employer

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