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ICITAP Intelligence Analyst Instructor-Bangladesh, DHAKA, BANGLADESH

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ICITAP Intelligence Analyst Instructor-Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Part time

Amentum is a premier global services partner supporting critical programs of national significance across defense, security, intelligence, energy, and environment. Amentum draws from a century-old heritage of operational excellence, mission focus, and successful execution underpinned by a strong culture of safety and ethics. Headquartered in Germantown, Md., Amentum employs more than 50,000 people on all seven continents.

Amentum is supporting the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in providing specialized training, advisory and mentoring services to host nations under the Criminal Division’s International Criminal Investigative Training and Assistance Program (ICITAP). .  

ICITAP is a cornerstone of America’s global strategy for combating transnational crime, terrorism, countering trafficking in persons, establishing rule of law and enhancing human rights in developing countries.  Amentum is the contract service provider to the DOJ ICITAP and Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT) programs. 

Please Note: This is an Independent Contractor position with Amentum, it should not be considered an employment relationship with Amentum.


Amentum is currently seeking a qualified candidate to serve as an Intelligence Analyst Instructor in Bangladesh to deliver classroom to members of Bangladesh Prisons (BP), specifically the Bangladesh prison intelligence unit and other stakeholders. This position will be deployed to Bangladesh on a TDY basis for short-term (1-6 weeks at a time) employment, as ICITAP’s training schedule may require.  The Intelligence Analyst Instructor may be required to perform their duties in Dhaka and other locations to be determined, with support from ICITAP in-country program staff. The ICITAP Bangladesh program may require subject matter experts in any of the following disciplines:

The tracking, validation, and assessment of Security Threat Group (STG) members, to include STG leadership as well as radicalized and influential inmates.
Providing necessary work products to the appropriate personnel to include the statistical analysis of incidents involving STG members.
Performing data queries, data extraction and data analysis from multiple sources of data points, to include contraband cell phone, drugs, weapons, assaults, etc.
Gathering and analyzing information collected by intelligence officers during and/or after an incident and determining the accuracy and relevance of the information and disseminating as appropriate.
Utilizing extracted and analyzed data to compile various intelligence and statistical work products in an effort to identify security or threat risks as well as to identify and predict trends as well as overseeing the preparation of threat assessments based on current and prior intelligence in an effort to anticipate and prevent future incidents.
Knowledge in the forensic cell phone extraction process.
Utilizing various types of link analysis software and proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
Utilizing technology to perform social media searches and proficiency in types of online intelligence gathering techniques to create actionable intelligence.
Ensure that intelligence information is shared with the appropriate authorities while simultaneously ensuring that the intelligence information is safely stored, shared, and utilized in a confidential manner.
Create and conduct training programs using PowerPoint presentations and hands on learning. Conduct corrections, intelligence, and analytical related presentations.
Maintain documentation, generate reports, create and maintain databases for the storage of information, and assist in audits that may be required.
Work with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to facilitate information sharing, to assist with investigations and to provide guidance on correctional intelligence and analytical matters.

Candidates for these positions may be qualified in one or more of the disciplines listed above. Additional areas of expertise may be required as the program develops.


Provide expert instruction in outlined above, principally in classroom settings.
Conduct instruction through English, potentially using interpreters.
Ensure that all instructional equipment and materials are received at remote sites and in good condition and forwarded to the next training site.
Coordinate with ICITAP program staff to ensure smooth training delivery.
Responsible for all aspects of course and classroom management, all training modules are delivered, exam integrity, awarding of completion certificates, and other details that may become necessary to ensure a successful training experience.
Must be able to provide written post-training reports as requested, in a format to be specified by ICITAP program management.
A comprehensive understanding of analytical principles and best practices to develop, mature and manage an analytical unit as well as the implementation of a broader BCS wide intelligence program, designed to assist Bangladesh Prisons decision-makers regarding security threats to Bangladesh prisons and detention centers.
Candidate will be able to expertly advise BP on analytical program best practices to enhance the overall criminal justice system to include complying with internationally accepted standards and norms.
Candidate will assist the MCS in developing plans that map out effective strategies for the successful development of correctional intelligence program to assist in the management of violent extremist and high-risk offenders.


Minimum 10 years’ experience working in the field of analytical intelligence, with at least 5 years within the prison or correctional setting.
Minimum 5 years’ experience directly related to the subject matter being taught.
Minimum 5 years’ experience as an instructor
Minimum 1-year previous experience working in an international setting.
Superior organizational and time management skills
Ability to work independently and remotely.
Ability to function well as a team member.
Ability to cope with rapidly changing conditions.
Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.
Must possess a valid passport.
Must be in good physical condition to endure the rigors of providing quality training, sometimes in austere conditions.
Security Vetting: Must be able to obtain a favorable U.S. Government clearance.  Must maintain eligibility at the required certification or clearance level for the position for the duration of the contract.  Must be able to obtain a Public Trust Waiver.


Extensive experience as an instructor on the subject matter for which candidates are engaged to teach.


Amentum is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our hiring practices provide equal opportunity for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, age, USA military veteran’s status, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, family structure, medical condition including genetic characteristics or information, veteran status, or mental or physical disability so long as the essential functions of the job can be performed with or without reasonable accommodation, or any other protected category under federal, state, or local law.


Security Clearance Required: yes

Amentum / Equal Opportunity Employer

JBAMN R0091214 2023.06.03

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