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Bill Golden sez – July 2022 Jobs, Oil, Recession, Stock Market / Keep Perspective

Good News … Ungood News … It is what it is … Global oil prices dramatically drop 8% today as we scare ourselves into a global recession.

>> Good News: If math were a real thing, gas prices should drop to about $4.20 national average within two weeks. Reality is that they could drop more since they are artificially high now. … JOBS: Within the US, do not expect any major impacts on hiring or jobs … although some employers may use recession fears to shake up their operations. If you have skills: someone is looking for you!

STOCK MARKET: Sure, it is taking a hit. BIG Hit. It always does on the (potential) verge of a recession. What goes up always comes down, and what goes down ALWAYS goes up (on the average) — and folks that do not panic and sell off: have a good life in the future until the next roller coaster

FACTOID: Since 1857, a recession (two consecutive down quarters) have visited us in the USA on the average of every 3.25 years, per Kiplinger (Apr 2022). … AND … (Kiplinger Markets, Apr 2022) #business #economics #economy #workforce #recession #wallstreet #stockmarket #inflation