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Average Incomes by State – What is the Reality?

Income and Salaries / Good story but the numbers do not apply to a great many citizens in the states discussed. Numbers without context are misleading, and be grossly so.
SALARIES and ‘averages’ have little relationship. What is the median income vice mean (average). That is closer to reality … but still is not reality that you should expect to earn.
For example, Virginia:
  • Median: $71,535 (50% earn above/below this)
  • Mean (Average): $94,229 … really?
Something does not compute. But if we look at Median Income … (the more better number =^) … we find that a whole lot of Virginians are not actually making anything near that amount of money. >>> Can explain but takes more than 25 words. Invite me for coffee and cookies.

My Point: Know your skillset and LOCAL labor market. Even then, know where you fit in the economy. In my county, people who work in the county earn less than 50% of those that work travel out of it to work. Go figure. Really. Go figure … there is a reason for that. Know you and your market.

CNBC STORY: Here’s how your income stacks up against your neighbor’s