4Q 2022 Aberdeen Maryland Opportunity – DoD G-6/J-6 Professionals

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Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) — is that one of your desired destinations as a DoD G-6 or J-6 professional?

Am supporting a contract bid with a September 2022 award date expected. I need four (4) professionals that will come available in late Summer 2022 and have Aberdeen APG on their places to work list.

Let’s connect: WGolden@IntelligenceCareers.com

Am seeking to meet and to connect a DoD employer with these backgrounds. Objective is to connect you, to get you an interview and to get a Letter of Intent agreed to.

Position Overviews

++ Deputy Project Manager: Master Degree + 10 YOE in Military HW/SW Development or 15 YOE without degree. Must have 1 YOE in C2 HW/SFW development space.

++ Operation Managers: 24/7 work oversight, must know SATCOM Network Operations, Help Desk Coordination, understands/experience with deployable military network systems, COOP planning, facility and cybersecurity project management. Needs bachelor degree + 10 YOE or 15 YOE without degree. Must have 1 YOE in C2 HW/SFW development space

++ Chief Engineer: Must have RMF accreditation background, understand NETCOM networks and US GOV SATCOM systems. Must be able to coordinate DevSecOps projects. Needs master degree + 10 YOE or 15 YOE without degree.

++ Cross Domain Engineer SME: Must have COCOM Data Owner Guidance (DOG) and MCSC point-to-point (P2P) CDS capability experience. Must be a CDS SME. Master degree in IS/IT technology + 10 YOE in DoD enterprise systems, or 15 YOE without degree.

Let’s connect: WGolden@IntelligenceCareers.com

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